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Repayment plugins enable customers to utilize various payment methods for settling their orders after they have been placed, eliminating the need to cancel and create a new order within the e-commerce store.
From ₹ 3,869.85
Save file in disc plugin will allow to save any uploaded file in disc drive instead of database. It will save lot of space on database.
From ₹ 2,352.26
Allow customer to make payment with RazorPay payment provider with easy and seamless payment gateway.
From ₹ 3,111.06
The Super Admin plugin streamlines product editing, facilitates direct access to product edit pages, and enables quick navigation to admin pages from the public area and more admin features.
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Upgrade your website's appeal with our Testimonial Plugin! Effortlessly display and customize customer testimonials, boosting trust and credibility. The sleek design seamlessly integrates positive feedback into your site, enhancing your brand's online reputation with ease.
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What is WiserNotify? Websites spend a lot of money on ads to get traffic, but when the visitors land on your website, they need proof that the website is trustworthy. That's where WiserNotify comes in! With its dynamic social proof notifications like sales pop-ups, reviews, sign-ups, it helps you build credibility. With its advanced CRO features and urgency widgets, an average WiserNotify user sees a 17% lift in conversion rates. Integrate with 200+ business tools and automate social proof. Start your free trial now...
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